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Ready for summer – the View Ridge Top

Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs has just released a new pattern, and after wanting to test for her for quite a while, I finally had the time to join. Since summer is on its way, Kimberly designed the View Ridge Top – an effortless, fun and still elegant top. It has rushing across the bust, a ruffled high-low hem and a keyhole closure in the back. There’s also a version without ruffles at the hem and a cropped version. Kimberly is also going to add flutter sleeves within the next weeks.

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (4)Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (9)

I had no idea how much I’d like this style before I tried it on for the first time! It’s so easy to wear, I don’t feel overdressed, but still special and put together. Inspired by Fashion Revolution week and especially Emily’s Makers for FashRev, I decided to go for thrifted fabric for this top. Or – as thrifted as it can get here in Tromsø, I don’t really know if there’s a store where I could get thrifted fabric.

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (7)

But this white eyelet cotton fabric comes from my mother in law’s fabric closet. Last summer she asked me to take whatever I liked from the closet, as many fabrics have been lying there for a long time. I ended up with 5 or 6 fabrics, one of those was about 1.5 yards of this pretty eyelet. It feels really good to know that I made something really pretty out of fabric that was just lying around!

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (5)

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (3)

I was a little worried that the fabric would be a little to stiff, since Kimberly mentioned that flowy rayon fabrics might work best for this style, but I love the result! The white eyelet and the slightly poofy ruffled high low hem give me a bohemian feeling which I quite like. I did already wear the top to work and on several more occasions.

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (2)

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (1)As you can see on some photos, my top has a seam in the back – this seam was removed while we were testing, since it wasn’t really needed as a design element. I also really like that  a sleeve option is going to be added, since it makes this top even more versatile. I love the shape of the top, but I had to wear a strapless bra in these pics to make sure the straps weren’t showing. In casual settings I wouldn’t mind if a strap was showing, but for work, for example, the little sleeves added are perfect to make it appropriate for every setting.

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (13)

My version is pretty “boring”, since I just used one fabric, but imagine how much fun you could have with mixing and matching fabrics – for example at the yoke and shoulder accents or at the middle front piece or at the ruffles! I hope I can find the time to experiment a little with some versions made with different fabrics.

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (11)

Head over to Straight Stitch Designs to buy your copy of the View Ridge Top, it’s for sale for 8 USD until next Sunday!

Sew Mariefleur View Ridge (8)

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