Sew MariefleurMy name is Marie-Fleurine (well – mostly just Fleurine) and I live in the town of Tromsø, far in the north of Norway. I am actually German, but my love for Norway and my Norwegian husband brought me to Norway in 2011. Now we live with our dog Sara in our lovely little flat, the scenic and breathtaking landscape of Northern Norway right outside our door.

I started sewing in early 2015, while I was writing my master thesis. I needed a good reason to procrastinate and something a little more “hands-on” to do while writing. My mother-in-law gave me an old Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and I12022145_1056331334411294_1389002063_o started with some easy quilting. But what should I do with the things I quilted? I didn’t want to have our house full of quilted blankets and pillows… Somehow I realized that it is actually possible to sew clothes and I got immediately hooked.  I spent hours and hours sewing, looking for patterns (preferably from indie designers), fabric (I LOVE Miss Matatabi!) and the inspiring creations of others.

Today I am sewing with a Janome Skyline s7.

The earlier photos on my blog and the photos of my Acton Dress have been taken by Angelique from Angie Foto and are edited by me.

Say hello at hello@sewmariefleur.com!

This blog is not a sponsor page, but I like collaborating with like-minded people and brands. This blog contains affiliate links to the stores of some of the pattern designers I have been testing for several times and who’s patterns I can recommend. Sewing and blogging can be an expensive hobby and affiliate links and free products help me to keep this blog going. When receiving products or money for blog posts I’ll always state this clearly. – 


  1. Hello there! I am amazed that you are sewing so well after only two years! Wowowowowowow! Your pictures and your enthusiasm are inspiring me to just go ahead and do more sewing. I have a ton of fabric but not a lot of time and tell myself, “Ohh, I’ll get to it when (this or that) happens.” And I wait for the perfect moment…and with two young kids, the perfect moment never comes. I’m learning that if I wait and wait I’ll never make anything, so I might as well suck it up and make more stuff, even if it’s not perfect, even if I have very little time. Thanks for your awesome blog–what inspiration!💖😊🌈🙏🏼✨

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Lorien! It really touches me when I read that my little blog inspires other people to sew or to pursue whatever makes them happy. I am alwys amazed by the young mothers out there who still find time to sew! I really hope you’ll finde some time to sew and that it brings you as much joy and strength as it brings me!

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