So – now I have a sewing blog, too – welcome!

This is going to be a space where I share my sewing projects, mainly  clothes I sew for myself.

I started sewing about a year ago and was quickly totally hooked. Sewing is for me the perfect combination of creativity and technique – I get a huge sense of accomplishment when finishing something and when sewing clothes the result is actually really useful. I don’t even have to buy clothes any more, so I am basically saving money, instead I am spending all of my money on fabrics, patterns and sewing supplies. We have hardly used our kitchen table for dinner any more after I started sewing, recently my husband has exiled me my sewing things from the kitchen/living room and helped me refurnishing the guest room as my new sewing room. Yeah! He was using it as a computer room before, but in hope of finally being able to use the kitchen table again, he voluntarily gave up the room.

When I started sewing I got so inspired by all the sewing blogs from all over the world, especially by the indie-sewing community. I spent hours and hours reading blogs, learning about sewing techniques admiring fabrics and the creations of others. And I felt more and more that I’d like to participate in this community, instead of just following it. And I kind of need a place to keep track of my projects…

I hope you are going to enjoy reading about my sewing projects and that I can inspire you as much as I am inspired by the sewing blogs of others!




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