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Madeit Fashion Week 2016

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Welcome to the first day of the Madeit Fashion Week! A bunch of amazing sewists (and me) are showing you the latest Madeit pattern this week – the Drop Top and Dress. The Drop Dress is an asymmetrical draped dress or top – hence the name, Drop!

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

It comes in two lengths – suitable for a top or for a dress. I made the dress length and realized that it actually doubles as a dress and a top. The Drop Dress is pretty tight at the hem, so wearing it higher up and making the dress to a top isn’t a problem at all.

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

The Drop Dress & Top has a slash neck and long sleeves, but as you can see later this week, it’s super easy making it with short sleeves, too.

The Drop Dress & Top is made pretty quickly. The front and the back are using the same pattern piece, the only difference is that the neckline is a little lower on the front. So if cutting on fold, your cutting three pieces – front, back and a neckband, and you’re done!

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

The fabric I used is the same fabric I used for my Versalette, just in another colour. It’s super super soft and drapey viscose knit from 1000 Stoff. I can’t stress enough how great this fabric is – it’s not flimsy or thin, but has all this drape to it, and the colours are gorgeous! I also have this knit in an olive colour, but haven’t decided on how to use it yet.

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

I actually added a thin hemband to the bottom of my Drop Dress. I am tall and wanted to make a top, so instead of lengthening the top a lot, I made a dress with the intention of wearing it as a top. But it was *nearly* long enough for wearing it as a dress, too, and I love the look of the dress! So I decided to add a hemband to rather add a little length instead of removing a little length while hemming.

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

I had the intention of showing you the top and the dress styled in different ways – the top the way I am dressed in these photos, and the dress with black leggings and heels. But it was really really windy the day we took the photos and standing outside in the wind was horrible, to say the least. I think you can see how cold I look on th epics… The Drape Top and Dress is – for obvious reasons – not easily photographed when it’s windy, so I had to hide behind this boat shed to get decent photos and to avoid turning into ice. So changing wasn’t really an option, and I just pulled the Drop down to give you an idea of the dress.

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Oh, and in case you wonder about the little dots on the sea behind me: These are people wind kiting!

I also wanted to add some pretty pics with our dog, but as ypu can see, she was not in photo mood:

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

The Drop is super comfy, easy to make and really stylish because of the cool drape. I got some compliments right away when I wore it to work the other day!

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Sew Mariefleur Drop Madeit Patterns

Head over to Madeit Patterns to grab your copy of the Drop Dress & Top – you might even win some fabric! The second person to buy a copy of the Drop Dress & Top today wins two yards of fabric from Luckyshop0228 on Etsy.

Madeit Fashion Week

By the way: You get 20% off the Drop Dress & Top during the Madeit Pattern Fashion Week! Just use the code MFW2016 at the check out.

And, of course: Don’t forget to follow along the rest of the tour! There are some amazing makes waiting for you, and you can win fabric every day.

Madeit Fahsion Week

12 comments on “Madeit Fashion Week 2016

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  2. You look gorgeous and effortlessly stylish in your Drop Dress & Top. Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week.

  3. Doctora Botones

    Really pretty! ?

  4. Beautiful! I can see why that dress was a hit <3

  5. You look so beautiful in your Drop Dress/Top. Such a gorgeous fabric, and I love that your dog goes with you on your photo shoots even if she’s not a willing model 🙂

  6. Very pretty! Wind kiting?!?!

  7. Dear friend, you look so pretty and selfconfident in this fun pattern. Love, love, love it. You should make more of these! <3

  8. You look Fab in this style and I love the fabric and colour, I think you managed to hide the fact that you were freezing very well! and the boat shed is a great backdrop and wind shield! thanks for doing such a great job 🙂

  9. This looks so good on you and you’re so gorgeous! <3 Really love how the fabric drapes so perfectly for this project.

  10. What a great dress/too. That fabric looks divine & costume changes are impossible when it’s freezing.

  11. […] that is even softer is the wonderful knit that is sold at 1000 Stoff and that I used here and here. It’s slightly thicker and heavier than the LA Finch Fabrics knit, so it basicallt depends on […]

  12. […] is made of the same super soft viscose knit from 1000 Stoff that I used for my Versalette and my Drop Dress. I’m addicted to that stuff! It’s so soft, drapey and has the perfect weight. I […]

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